Economics & Statistics Department

Collection, compilation, analysis and retrieval of statistical data for the benefit of the Administrators are the prime areas of functioning of the Department of Economics & Statistics. Planners, Research Scholars, Educationists, Govt. Offices and others from time to time publish annual publications such as Basic Statistics, Andaman & Nicobar Islands At-a Glance, Island-wise Statistical Outline, Meteorological Statistics, Hand Book on Andaman District, Hand Book on Nicobar District & Basic Transport Statistics.

Report on the Estimates of State Domestic Product of this U. T at the revised base year 1993-94 at current and constant prices for 13 sectors for 2000-01 was prepared and sent to Ministry. The Directorate also collects prices of essential commodities including vegetable items from Port Blair markets and thereby comparing monthly price relatives with that of previous month of current year and the same month of previous year. Weekly retail prices of food items and monthly retail prices of non-food items are also being sent regularly to the Ministry of Agriculture, New Delhi. Agriculture census is conducted by this Directorate from time to time. Presently we are on the job of conducting the seventh agriculture census. The fieldwork has already started for this purpose.