History of Andaman and Nicobar Police dates back to raising of ‘SEBUNDY CORPS' in 1858 for protection of Penal Settlements in the Andamans. It was reconstituted in 1867 with strength of 2 Inspectors, 3 Head Constables, 12 Sergeants and 285 Constables. The system of Policing was exclusively on the pattern of Military organization,  with a  small  strength of 75 Civil Policemen   for observance   of local   laws   and  for accompanying the prisoners to the jungle as guards against aboriginal tribes.         

         An organized form of Policing in Andaman and Nicobar Islands was established in August, 1875 with the extension of Indian Police Act of 1861 to Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Capt. Wimberly was appointed as first District Superintendent of Police. In the same year the Chief Commissioner of Andaman  and  Nicobar was vested with the powers and functions of the Inspector General of Police.

Civil Police was separated from Military Police in the year 1924, after 9 years of efforts to form the nucleus of Civil Police started in 1915 to deal with Crime and Criminals and Mr. HGL Biggie was the first officer of the Indian Police to appointed as Commandant and Superintendent of Police.

The Japanese occupation of these Islands from 1942 to 1945 ruined the Police and Administrative set up in A&N Islands. As a result fresh batch of officers and men known as 'deputation force' were drawn after British re-occupation in 1945 from Special Armed Police of Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.

Shri. N.F.Santook, the First Indian Police Service officer took charge of Andaman and Nicobar Police on 16th January 1953, after 6 years of Independence. However, the Chief  Commissioner continued to be ex-officio Inspector General of Police. The Andaman and Nicobar Police Force continued to be headed by IPS officers and it was in the year 1963, DHANI service, a separate service for  administration of  UTs  of Delhi,  Himachal and A&N Islands was evolved and 

Shri  R.K.Ohri was the 1st Superintendent of Police  posted in the year 1965 and  with that started the saga of expansion of Andaman and Nicobar Police. The Executive Police was further  divided into 3 Sub-Divisions, viz.  South Andaman,  North Andaman  and  Nicobar Group of Islands. Besides, Armed Police, Special  Armed  Police,  Criminal Investigation Department, Island Communication, Fire Service, PTS, PMT, PMF and IRBn was also set up  as  separate Units.

            The post of Chief of Police was upgraded as Director General of Police in the year 2007 and at present, Andaman  and  Nicobar  Police has  a  strength of 4352 including India Reserve Battalion under the command of the  Director General of Police assisted by 1 IGP, 2 DIGP, 1 Commandant IRBn,  3 District SPs,  1 ASP, 8 DySPs, 7 Asstt. Commandant, 1 Chief Fire Officer and 1 Police Radio Officer.