Power Department

The geographical and topographical peculiarities of these islands, including separation by sea over great distances, there is no single power grid for all the electrified islands and instead a power house caters independently to the power requirements of an area/islands.

Present Power Supply Position

At present, there are 35 (inclusive of IPP) Diesel Power Houses at different locations in these islands having diesel generating sets of capacity ranging from 6 KW to 5000 KW & One Hydro Power Station having capacity of 5.25MW on Kalpong River at North Andaman, with total aggregate installed capacity of 64.05MW.

The existing distribution network has 278 Kms. of 33 KV lines, 696 Kms. 11 KV lines and 2196 Kms. of LT lines, 27 Nos. (44.77 MVA) Power Transformer & 436 Nos. (50.609 MVA) Distribution Transformers, for providing power to around 70030 consumers in various categories & 11000 Street Light points. The present per capita consumption is around 250 KWh as against the national average of around 350 KWh.