Social Welfare Deparment

The Department of Social Welfare, A & N Administration was functioning with the Education Department till 1986. Keeping in view that the objectives of Social Welfare are different and also looking to the needs of women and children and  socially and economically backward classes, the Administration separated this department and formed an independent establishment, the Directorate of Social Welfare.

The Department of Social Welfare is implementing various types of welfare schemes mentioned below for these islands under plan schemes and non plan schemes every year for the upliftment and welfare of the vulnerable groups. The main motive for the implementation of the schemes is to augment the social and economic status of old age and infirm persons, women & Children, providing shelter to the orphan destitute juveniles, providing financial assistance to disabled.  


  • Welfare of Senior Citizens –Assistance to Old Age And Infirmed.

  • Welfare of Handicapped Persons:

  • Establishment & Prevention of Drug abuse and Alcoholism

  • Welfare schemes for Women & Children

  • Juvenile Home

  • Juvenile Justice Board

  • Orphan Home for Girls

  • Day Care Center

  •  Construction of Anganwadis Centers

  • Working Womens Hostel

  • Assistance to widows

  • Training cum Production Centre

  •  Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005: 

  •   A & N Women's Commission:

  • A & N State Social Welfare Board: 

  • Scheme for beggars 

  •  Integrated Child Development Programme